A discussion of whether napster is ethical or unethical

History[ edit ] Business ethics reflect the norms of each historical period. As time passes, norms evolve, causing accepted behaviors to become objectionable.

A discussion of whether napster is ethical or unethical

Examples of Unethical Behavior by Organizations Examples of Unethical Behavior by Organizations Unethical Behavior by Organizations Anything that a businessman can do in the best interest of society is to be a good businessman.

It means that they should try to maximize the profit which is the ultimate target of any business. Here is the point when businessmen think that instead of wasting time and resources with ethics they should focus on finance, marketing and business operations.

As long as a business is operating within the rules, the only social responsibility of business is to increase its profit with the use of business resources.

Concisely it can be said that remain in open and free competition without being involved in fraud or deception.

A discussion of whether napster is ethical or unethical

Multinational corporations operate in countries where bribery, sexual harassment, racial discrimination, and lack of concern for the environment are neither illegal nor unethical or unusual.

The company must decide whether to adhere to constant ethical principles or to adjust to the local rules to maximize profits. As the costs of corporate and white-collar crime can be high, both for society and individual businesses, many business and trade associations have established ethical codes for companies, managers, and employees.

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The following the basic reasons for the development of unethical business strategy, Organizations fail make consensus on the objectives for doing business on global scale. Organizations do not involve the person into the strategy development process, who has knowledge of ethics in host country.

Unable to realize the importance of ethics during strategy development as a competitive advantage. Organizations lay the base of their policies only on legal requirement and do not consider the ethical values.

Organizations do not recruit a person whose sole responsibility is to focus on ethics at international locations. Organizations appoint their employees or experts to fill ethics positions from organizations headquarter who have no experience of host country ethics.

Focusing on the few cultural differences rather than acknowledging the many cultural similarities.

Examples of Unethical Behavior by Organizations Derek Bruff September 14, Classroom Response SystemsInformation Literacy I recently described some of the components of my fall course over on my main blog. I wanted my students to start thinking about plagiarism and, more generally, academic integrity in the context of personal and community norms.
What Is the Difference Between Unethical and Ethical Advertising? | Your Business In journals or on separate pieces of paper, students respond to the following prompt on the board: What did you end up choosing, and why?
Ethical or Not? Clicker Questions about Academic Integrity – Agile Learning Share on Facebook The line between ethical and unethical advertising is often unclear.
Why Ethics The standard is based on doing what is best or good for others.

Examples of Unethical Behavior by Organizations Example 1: Nestle Corporation During the promotion of infant formula in third world countries especially in Africa, the Nestle corporation hired the women and without giving them necessary training, they dressed them up as nurses.

Those nurses recommend the formula over breast feeding to the mothers. They convinced that using the formula is sophisticated and looks like western, while breast feeding is old fashioned and third world practice.

When mothers get convinced to use infant formula, free samples of Nestle infant formula were given to them. Now at that stage mothers were forced to purchase the infant formula.

The company continued this strategy regardless of worldwide protest. Protesters claimed that chance of getting sick is higher in children who were using infant formula as compared to breastfeeding in third world countries.

The company changed its strategy only after years of massive boycotts of Nestle products by consumer. Because the major social responsibility of any business is to generate profit by using company resources and operating within legal boundaries.

The company directors had no right to withdraw a profitable and legal product, although innocent babies were suffering due to it, until boycotts changed the public opinion and company started to suffer financially. Although the infant formula itself was not the cause of deaths but the unethical strategy used to promote marketing in third world countries was major cause of those sufferings.

Following are four problems that can arise when poor mothers in developing countries switch to infant formula. Infant formula needs to be mixed with water, which is mostly contaminated in poor countries. By using this contaminated water leads to diseases in infants.

Due to higher illiteracy rate in those countries, majority of mother did not know how to wash the bottle and prepare it for feeding.

Nestle write direction for use only in English. So the mothers how know to read in their native language, cannot understand the directions. Even the mothers, who understand the directions, do not have the means to perform it.

Due to the lack of fuel.

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Most of the poor mothers cannot afford the infant formula. So they use infant formula in less quantity as compared said quantity in order to make it last longer.Business Ethic | Chapter 5 quiz.


A discussion of whether napster is ethical or unethical

A reflection of whether the firm has an ethical conscience. b. How easy it is to pilfer office supplies from one's workplace. The conditions in an organization that limit or permit ethical or unethical behavior.

e. A Corporate culture. The Global Ethical Perspective of Peer-to-peer File-sharing Introduction This paper is an analytical essay on global ethical issues on peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing.

A history and background of peer-to-peer file-sharing will be given, as well as how it became an issue. The line between ethical and unethical advertising is often unclear. What seems unethical to some consumers might not faze others. If you’re unsure whether a particular marketing claim or tactic is unethical, err on the side of caution.

Ethical or unethical? You find a copy of the instructor’s solutions manual to one of your textbooks online. You use it to check your homework before turning your homework in. Ethical or unethical? You’re writing an essay that doesn’t need references and you find some useful ideas online.

The Ethics of Napster Why Metallica's suit against the music-swapping site is hypocritical The internet, in the minds of its earliest champions, was supposed to be a wonderfully anarchic, egalitarian revolution.

Wrap-up/homework: Reflecting on the in-class discussion and role-play, write an essay in which you consider the following questions: Can you think of situations, in your own life or in general, in which an action could be illegal but ethical?

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