An overview of the los angeles politics

There have been 42 District Attorneys who have served the county, starting with William C.

An overview of the los angeles politics

Indigenous years[ edit ] Sunland and Tujunga were originally home to the Tongva people. In the area was part of the Rancho Tujunga Mexican land grantbut later developers marked off a plot of land known as the Tejunga Park, or the Tujunga Park, Tract.

The place is aptly named. Great live oaks, scattered with Nature's reckless disregard for expense, give the place a stately quiet.

An overview of the los angeles politics

In the center of town the oaks are so thick that the sun is baffled, and this section has been made a public park, which is the Fourth of July and general hot-weather rendezvous of the country round, from Glendale to San Fernando. The sloping hills of what was called the Monte Vista Valley were the site of vineyards for table grapes, and the town's sole industry, a cannery, specialized in packing olives from local trees.

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Monte Vista Park in the center of town attracted picnickers, and there was a County Home for Children, sponsored by women's clubs and other organizations.

Hall and opened in by the Council of Community Service. It had 45 rooms in a former hotel on 2. Hartranft to found what Smythe believed would be a kind of utopia. The utopianists had as their slogan, "A Little Land and a Lot of Living," and the founders divided their community into 1.

For the most part, the "Indian pueblo idea" was followed, or a "rustic hills" style, and homes without boulder foundations were rare. By Tujunga had about 4, residents, having surpassed Sunland in population.

Many of the settlers maintained small farms with gardens, poultry, rabbits, bees and various other livestock. He lived in a home he built himself and completed inknown as Rancho Chupa Rosa.

On Tujunga's main street in the s was a place called "Dean's store, the locale of the 'Millionaire's Club of Happiness and Contentment,' a little group of the town's pioneers which is featured in the writings of John Steven McGroarty.

Adams was elected treasurer, and Mrs Bertha A. Morgan was chosen as city clerk. Because of this, it attracted many asthmatics early on. Inthe Tujunga City Council set policy to establish zones where " sanitariums and other institutions for the care of tubercular patients" could be established. The municipality of Tujunga has already agreed to release its authority over the park to the county authorities, so that administration.

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In heavy rain, voters turned down the idea by a vote of to Tujunga finally gave up its independence and joined the city on March 8, photo: Richard P. via Yelp California Science Center Located in Downtown’s Exposition Park, this is a science and space lover’s heaven.

But even if your little one isn’t a future lab dweller, there’s plenty to get their minds working. Latino candidates in the , , and primary elections in Los Angeles.


The findings have demonstrated that polarized voting exists countywide throughout Los Angeles, as well as in specific regions such as the city of Los Angeles, the eastern San Gabriel Valley area, northern L.A. County and central/southwest region of L.A.

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Make a donation by check to the Los Angeles Public Library and send it to: Support the Library, W. Fifth St., Los Angeles CA or call () Kean O'Brien, Co-Chair of Photography, NYFA Los Angeles: Kean O'Brien is an educator and community organizer living and working in Los Angeles.

He holds an MFA degree from the California Institute of Arts and a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Los Angeles Hospital Hack Raises Concerns About Ransom Attacks NPR's Audie Cornish talks to Adam Kujawa, head of malware intelligence at the security firm .

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