Crazy blind date gone

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Crazy blind date gone

A Web site plays matchmaker in a new and different way Katia Bachko, 27 May A new dating Web site has been luring adventurous singles away from the other sites by daring them to hook up with a complete stranger.

It can also take weeks of e-mails and phone calls before the Web-crossed lovers actually meet. To escape the drawn-out drudgery of typical dating sites, such as eHarmony.

Crazy Detective Chapter 309: What? Group Blind Date?! summary

Called Crazy Blind Date, the recently launched Web site eliminates online profiles and sets up users on blind dates, sometimes in as quickly as a few hours. He launched the free site last November, and it now has 10, members, who he said have gone on 90, blind dates.

The site works like this: You can also fill in your date preferences, such as age, religious background and education. A few hours later - maybe even minutes - you get a text message saying that your date is waiting, requiring only that you log on to the site and pick a place to meet from a list of nearby bars and coffee shops provided by the service.

In the five months the site has been up, Yagan said, its users have had a wide variety of experiences.

Crazy Detective Chapter 309: What? Group Blind Date?!

Some have formed lasting relationships; others have developed genuine, if unromantic, friendships. The pair met over a drink in a Manhattan bar when a literary debate broke out over the subject of dragons.

What some subscribers say they like about Crazy Blind Date is that it forces them to interact with a person as a whole, instead of rejecting someone based on surface characteristics in a profile.

Crazy blind date gone

Matt Shafeek, a year-old office manager in Manhattan, discovered while trying other dating sites that he was becoming too picky.

Shafeek said he once found someone on the site who seemed to share his interests. We ended up seeing each other one time and never again.

This means users have little time to build up unreasonable expectations that may be dashed to pieces when reality bites. Whatever the reason, Yagan reports that feedback from Crazy Blind Date users showed that 40 percent of them felt some sort of romantic connection to the person they ended up with on their first date.

The reduction of choice can sometimes improve the outcome. This is because research has shown that people are bad at predicting what they want in a partner, said Paul Eastwick, a psychology researcher at Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill.

In a recent study, singles were asked what qualities they looked for in a mate. They were then put through a speed-dating event, where they experienced a rapid series of encounters. When the subjects were interviewed afterward, researchers found bold discrepancies between the qualities they had looked for and the sorts of people they ended up with.

Still, while users of Crazy Blind Date may not harbor high expectations for each outing, you never can tell.What if you could go on a blind date once a day for the entire year?

While this seems like an exhausting task, OkCupid's new app, "Crazy Blind Date" gives you the power to do just that. If every. Crazy Blind Date - If you are looking for interesting relationships, we recommend you to become member of this dating site, because members of this site looking for many different types of So I went into crazy blind date with absolutely zero expectations and ended up meeting my now-fiance.

I think it's awesome for people with little patience to sit around a stalk profiles all day. I'd rather meet someone, get in and get out without all the whole "I like ur profile pic" jr high The “Crazy Blind Date” app forces people to ignore their standards and meet face-to-face with someone compatible based on their hobbies and interests.

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