Study on e commerce

Allison Banko November 26th, Shopping from your seat is a beautiful thing. Ecommerce can present itself as a multidimensional demon, frightening marketers with shopper abandonment and confusing consumer behavior. However, there are plenty of marketers who have slain the beast on their way to success.

Study on e commerce

Because deploying E-Commerce is an important strategic issue and is a major task that is sitting on the desks of CIOs. B2B will be used more and more as more and more fat is squeezed out of supply and value chains. Technology is just one of the tools that all MBAs should have in their "bag of knowledge".

The application of Internet-based tools to business will continue to be important. Because of the business value it offers. They need to be aware of it even if they do not use it in their business.

A separate study of e-commerce is appropriate today, to focus attention, and to alter mind sets that were developed in a non-e-eommcerce world.

Why should they study finance? It will be a major factor in the short, medium and long term planning and success or failure iof their organization. Becuase they should have knowledge of every area of management and that includes e-commerce.

I think ecommerce still has a great potential and future. Because many companies need to manage their online operations alongside their offline ones, assuming we are talking about a click-and-mortar company Respondent Do you need to ask? Why do MBA students need to study commerce?

Because not all of them will interact daily with accounting or marketing or finance, but each and every one of them will interact daily with e-commerce applications.

It probably is unnecessary to consider e-commerce as a separate discipline since it is linked so fully to virtually every business. It acts as a useful focus for asking questions and challenging assumptions about business in general.

It offers the possibility of testing existing ideas of marketing etc in a new context. It raises ethical and international issues, time zones, culture etc etc all of which a student should at least be aware of Respondent As with early introduction of AC, we are figuring out what the implications are Because it does add some new dimensions to the interaction between buyers and sellers which marketers need to understand.

Because if they don't they will be religated to the dust corner in the same way as those executives who refused to learn how to use a computer in favour of a girl friday and a typewriter. Its not that long ago. Because that is the reality of doing business in the 21st Century - a bit like teaching people how to use calculators in the 20th Respondent To understand how electronic technologies are changing the business environment and to accept these technologies as a part of the new marketplace Respondent Because e-commerce will be a logical part of any business in future.

There's a need for highly qualified professionals in the eCommerce era, to take the mistakes learnt from the early movers, and apply them to businesses today. By educating MBA's on this, learning institutions are meeting the demands of employers who are looking for experienced graduates.

How can a manager operate effectively and efficiently without an understanding of the potential that e-commerce delivers now or in the future Respondent Because the information support and retailing components are part of 21 century selling.

Study on e commerce

If you mean as a seperate subject I don't believe they should study e-commerce. If you mean as a integrated subject within marketing, finance, operations, etc. I believe they should study e-comerce because it represents an important 2-way channel to the market and indiviual customers.

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It is a powerful tool that students need to understand how to use effectively Respondent This is where a stand-alone course is most needed. My undergrads have enough knowledge of the internet that the material could be integrated into more traditional courses.

My MBAs many of whom have engineering degrees are weaker internet users, and therefore still have a "They can do that? Most and probably at some point all companies have some level of e-commerce presence. At minimum, E-commerce is a distribution option, which certainly falls under Marketing.

E-commerce should occupy a few sessions in the intro course and a few more in any direct marketing classes that are means it’s official.

Federal government websites always use domain. Before sharing sensitive information online, make sure you’re on site by inspecting your browser’s address (or “location”) bar. E-commerce uses set prices while m-commerce uses prices determined by auction.

Study on e commerce

E-commerce occurs through a computer while m-commerce can occur anywhere. E . E-commerce retailers are losing potential customers at one critical juncture.

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U.S. online shoppers are abandoning their carts during the payment phase, according to Internet Retailer. And this. Respondent 1: Because deploying E-Commerce is an important strategic issue and is a major task that is sitting on the desks of CIOs.

B2B will be used more and more as more and more fat is squeezed out of supply and value chains. Respondent 2: Because it is a fact of business, and IS/IT is. People are shopping online now more than ever. According to a study from Mintel, 69% of internet-connected adults in the United States shop online at least once a month.

In , 33% made an online purchase once a week, which was an increase from 24% in However, the conversion rate for e. This statistic shows the retail e-commerce market size (sales) in the U.S. In , retail e-commerce market size amounted to billion US dollars and are projected to surpass.

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